Form instructions. Print the form to fill out and mail or fax to Panel Inc., or submit electronically (all fields must be completed before form will be transmitted). Choose File-print to make your own copy, or File-export-form data to save as a separate file.

 Name of 501c3 charitable organization  
 Federal Tax I.D.  
 Phone  Fax    Email  
 Intended building address  
 Intended building use(s)  
 Size (span x length x height), ft.  

Your costs and sources of pipes and fanfold:
   Cost Source
 Pipes (items f3 to f10)  $  
 Fanfold (item c1)  $  

 Estimated approximate total material cost (grant amount), excluding transportation $

Mission aviation organizations sometimes fly materials to remote areas. Check the one serving your region.

Grant Policy

Grant priorities: (a) Christian charities, (b) Interfaith charities, (c) then other 501c3 charities.
Grant limit: $10,000. Can include multiple hangars, and grants may be repeated in successive years.
Notification: Applicants will be notified in one of three ways within 30 days:
a. Accepted, with first 50% of payment transmitted.
b. Accepted, with postponement to the following year, due to inadequate current funds in Trust.
c. Not accepted, with an explanation, or a request for additional information.
Payment schedule: 50% upon receipt of this cost estimate, remaining 50% upon receipt of a photo of the completed hangar and brief description of its 501c3 charitable use(s).

Panel Inc. can also provide field erection in the Americas after verification that all construction materials are at the site (or can be brought in personal excess air baggage) and that cost of personal transportation (paid by Panel Inc.) can be reduced to less than 1/4th of the material cost.