Self-Assembly Shelters

PANEL INC. is a non-profit private foundation providing engineering and funding support for (a) shelter construction and (b) missionary airstrip construction.

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USES shows shelter applications.
GUIDE shows construction of hangars to 40 ft. span.
PHOTOS show the construction sequence.
SHELTER shows more simplified construction of hangars to 20 ft. span.
allows 501c3 charities to request funds for construction materials.

SERVICES describes airstrip engineering services and supplies.
FORM allows 501c3 charities to request airstrip engineering and supplies.

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1. Print or download GUIDE or SHELTER to purchase parts locally and build your own shelter of any size.
2. Assemble and sell shelter kits and/or erection services to others.
3. Non-profit organizations ( most churches, schools, associations, clubs), submit the FORMS to apply for funding of SHELTER construction materials, or for AIRSTRIP engineering services and supplies by Panel Inc.

Panel Inc., 302 Beverly Rd, Newark DE 19711 Phone/fax 302-368-0427